Empowering youth for a brighter future.

Working collaboratively to break down the barriers

The objectives of the JAM programme are to address the issues that we face in our high schools every day, such as fighting and bullying.

Our Programmes

We run physical and mental youth leadership programmes that push our students to be resilient, keep working and never to give up on their dreams.

JAM 2018

With Tangata Pacifica

JAM 2020

JAM 2022

JAM 2023

Continuing Development for Students

“The mind controls the body.  If the mind is strong and you’re willing to attack those challenges, the body will keep moving to them”

Keven Mealamu

Support for Communities

Education and learning goes beyond schools and classrooms.  The best learning comes from a combined and holistic support structure that is community driven for a better and brighter future.

“Once we remove the buildings and the uniforms, we’re all from the same community”

Constable Shayne TOA’FA


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